Group Members and Alumni

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Faculty and Postdocs

Jorge Cuadra
Full professor, UAI
PhD, MPA Garching
Galactic centre - protoplanetary discs - supermassive black hole binaries

Guido Granda-Muñoz
Postdoctoral researcher, UAI
protoplanetary disc simulations

Andrés Scherer
Postdoctoral researcher, PUC
cosmic and gamma rays in the Galactic centre

Mario Sucerquia
FONDECYT postdoctoral fellow, UAI
PhD, Univ de Antioquia
exo-moons and rings formation and dynamics

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Miguel Vergara
Computer Science Engineering student, UTFSM

video games and VR visualisation

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Diego Calderón
MSc 2015, PhD 2019
Then a postdoc at Charles University, Prague
Now a postdoc at Hamburg Observatory

Xian Chen
Postdoc 2015-2016
Now a professor at Peking University

Nicolás Cuello
Postdoc 2016-2020
Then a Marie-Curie fellow at IPAG, Grenoble
Now a professor at Université Grenoble Alpes

Luciano del Valle
Postdoc 2019-2022

Alex Dunhill
Postdoc 2013-2015
Then a postdoc at UCLAN, Preston
Now a a data scientist

Virginie Faramaz
Postdoc 2014-17
Then a postdoc at JPL, Pasadena
Now a professor at the University of Arizona

Camilo Fontecilla
BSc 2014, MSc 2017, PhD 2022
Now a data scientist

Sofía Gallego
BSc 2012
Then MSc at PUC and PhD at ETH, Zürich
Now a postdoc at the University of Paris Cité

Matías Gárate
BSc 2015, MSc 2017
Then PhD at USM, Munich
Now a digital artist

Juan Garrido-Deutelmoser
BSc 2019
Then MSc at PUC
Now a PhD student at the University of Arizona

Felipe G Goicovic
PhD 2017
Then a postdoc at HITS and ITA, Heidelberg
Now a software developer

Alex Gormaz-Matamala
Postdoc 2021-2023
Now a postdoc at Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Warsaw

Aira Lobo Gomes
Postdoc 2016
Now a researcher on clinical data science

Matías Montesinos
Postdoc 2011-14; 2017
Then a postdoc at U de Valparaíso
Now a professor at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Camila Ordenes-Huanca
PhD 2023
Now a research assistant at PUC

Pedro Poblete
BSc 2017, MSc 2019
Then PhD at Jena University
Now a postdoc at IPAG

María Paula Ronco
Postdoc 2018-2022
Now a researcher at CONICET-UNLP

Christopher Russell
Postdoc 2017-2020
Then a postdoc at The Catholic University of America
Now a postdoc at U Delaware

Former visitors, part-time or Summer students

(not including students who later did their thesis with us)

Long-term visitors

Sebastian Stammler, PhD student from ITA Heidelberg, 2016

Mario Sucerquia, PhD student from Univ de Antioquia, 2018

Antoine Rocher, MSc student from Univ de Lyon, 2018

Daniel Wang, Professor from UMass Amherst, 2018

Jun Li, PhD student from UMass Amherst, 2018

Octavio Guilera, Associated Research from CONICET-UNLP, 2018-2021

Graduate students

Nicolás González, 2011

Gabriel Torrealba, 2011

Sofía Gallego, 2012

Umberto Rescigno, 2014

Byron Cornejo, 2016

María Paz Sepúlveda, 2016

Juan Garrido-Deutelmoser, 2020


Pedro Fluxá, 2011

Stefano García, 2013

Cristian Hernández, 2014

José Wielandt, 2014

Charlotte Simmonds, 2016

Joaquín Sureda, 2016

Miguel Sepúlveda, 2019

Baltasar Luco, 2019

Luca Antonucci, 2019

Benjamín Cordero, 2021

Bruno Escárate, 2022

Josué Sandoval, 2022

María José Hidalgo, 2023