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video game

Protoplanet Express is a video game in which you can visit different protoplanetary systems. Each system visualisation is based on computer simulations developed by professional astronomers.

The game is available for free on Steam.

360 videos

Our 360° videos from Galactic Centre simulations put you at the position of Sgr A*, the super-massive black hole, from where you can look in any direction. The animations show unprecedented views of stars orbiting you, the viewer, their winds colliding from an uncluttered vantage point, and clumps of material tidally stretching as they inspiral around you. These videos are best viewed with VR goggles; otherwise the YouTube app on a handheld smartphone or tablet allows you to observe in any direction.

This version displays the cold gas in red and yellow. Two simulations are shown: the first with stellar winds only, the second with an additional outburst from Sgr A*. (Read more…)

This newer version displays both the cold (in red and yellow) and the hot, X-ray emitting gas (in blue and cyan). (Read more…)

Galactic Center VR

The Galactic Center VR application allows you fly around the few-light-year region around Sagittarius A*, seeing the orbiting stars, their stellar winds, and the X-rays they emit. Or scale down the simulation so everything fits within your VR play area, allowing you to walk around the center of our galaxy. View the whole simulation in stellar winds only, X-rays only, or both, as well as check out the contribution from just one stellar wind at a time. (Download for HTC Vive!) (Read more…)

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