Welcome to the PLAGA website!

We are a research group lead by Jorge Cuadra at Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) in Viña del Mar, but with some early career researchers based at other universities in Chile. We work on different topics in Astrophysics, with a focus on numerical simulations of the Galactic Centre, planet formation, and other accreting systems (see Publications).

We are part of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Physics + Astro group.

Our work on formation and evolution of planetary systems is performed as part of the Millennium Nucleus on Planet Formation (NPF), while our work on accreting black holes and their environment is carried out as part of the Millennium Nucleus for Transversal Research and Technology to explore Supermassive Black Holes (TITANS), both funded by the Iniciativa Científica Milenio.

We are also grateful for funding from different ANID and UAI programmes.



27 Dec 2023

Dr Liu Shuai obtained a FONDECYT postdoctoral fellowship to join our group during 2024.

16 Dec 2023

Both TITANS and UAI have postdoctoral positions open!

20 Nov 2023

A Scherer et al published their paper on Galactic center gamma-rays from realistic cosmic-rays models

15 Nov 2023

We released the official version of 'Protoplanet Express', an educational video game based on simulations

3 Nov 2023

Camila defended successfully her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Ordenes-Huanca!

2 Nov 2023

J Cuadra joins the Millennium Nucleus TITANS as main researcher for its renewal

10 Aug 2023

Guido Granda will join our group as a postdoctoral researcher at UAI in January 2024. Welcome, Guido!

26 May 2023

We have a postdoc position open! (Now closed)

16 May 2023

A Gormaz-Matamala et al published their paper on the evolution of rotating massive stars with new wind models

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